Marcel Dinahet
Yvan Salomone

The second International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam takes place at Las Palmas and other venues around the city.
The theme of the event is "The Flood",
a theme that has become more pressing in recent years. Rising sea levels due to climate change are making serious flooding much more common.
The recent disaster in Asia proved how violently the threat posed by water can become a tragic reality.


Marcel Dinahet , landscape artist and documentary maker, is building up a singular body of work whose guiding thread is the seafront.
From northern Scotland to southernmost Portugal, via the Breton peninsula, he explores terrestrial and marine landscapes with his video camera, then turns these filmed sequences into works of art.

Yvan Salomone depicts port cities, such as Saint-Malo, Le Havre, Shanghai and Rotterdam, on very large watercolour paintings. The ports eerily resemble one another in that they are all devoid of human presence, seeming almost the fantastic creations of some megalomaniacal industrial genius.


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